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Food Offerings/Savory Mexican Cuisine

A food plan is encouraged for ease of purchase, preparation, and predictability for a desired menu of proven favorites: quality, quantity, and freshness on a timely basis... without all the inconvenience of meal preparation!
Enjoy your vacation... leave the work for us!

fresh bread

Fresh pastry breads


cinnamon churros

Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup


Homemade tamales! We make both "Verdes" or "Rojos" (green tomatillos or red tomatoes) with chili pepper in greater or lesser amounts.

Mexican tacos

Traditional homemade tacos

Mexican style pizza

Mexican style pizza

Quesadillas made from scratch

World's best quesadillas

Fresh coffee

Deep and dark. Locally grown Capulin coffee.

Meal Plan/Time Tested Favorites

Authentic, delicious Mexican meals with fresh and local ingredients: juices, coffee, tropical drinks, snacks, fruit, and bottled water. Liquor not included.


Mexican flan

Mexican flan

Buñuelos fried pastry

Buñuelos fried pastry

Brownie topped with ice cream

Brownie topped with ice cream

Mexican food

Mexican food

Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail

grilled seafood

grilled seafood

Cost/Quality, Convenience and Service

Persons 18 years and older: $30 USD per day, per person.

8 - 17 years old: $20 USD per day, per person.

Children under 7 years old: No charge.

To order the meal plan, please contact Jossie at 303-862-2043 for details.

Click here to view meal plan!

Meals are Served Family Style!  


Note: Meal plan costs are a separate charge and based on number and age of guests per reservation. Costs can be paid separately via Pay-Pal, Zelle, bank-bank transfer or personal check.  


Note: BYOB, fermented beverages, beer, specialty drinks and preferred mixes are a personal preference responsibility. Refrigeration, ice, purified water and drink preparation needs are provided.   Bienvenidos!


Click here!

Bon Appetite
Buen Provencho


Meet Chelo, La Villa Bella's Kitchen Manager and amazing Lead Cook


"We are picky eaters but Chelo knows how  to please! Everything was just delicious and my whole  family loved it!


Muy Sabroso.

- Maria Sanchez
Oklahoma City, OK

Want fresh seafood...just ask Jaime!

Pescado a la parilla ...buen probecho/bon appetit

Enjoy patio ambience 

La Villa Bella su Hacienda Punta El Custodio, Platanitos Riviera Nayarit, Mexico


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