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Elevated peninsula viewing locations with crashing ocean surf - just beneath your feet. Experience a sunny day
with a warm ocean breeze or a nocturnal crashing ocean pounding the rocks beneath ... a star covered celestial sky
with an ocean-earth horizon. View a flickering shore line of distant locations and ocean
villages from the privacy, safety and tranquility of your punta location.
An exhilarating experience few will ever know — anytime 24/7.

Mexico Beach Rentals

West Point

Ocean 180 Plus, Stars, Whales, Boats, Fisherman

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La Villa Bella su Hacienda

North Point

Shoreline, Platanitos, Los Cocos, San Blas Beacon

Mexico Beach Rentals

South Point

Tortugas Beach, Surfers, Ocean View of Puerto Vallarta

Happy Ocean Viewing in a Tropical Paradise

The Staff: La Villa Bella su Hacienda

My Mexican Villa, Punta El Custodio, Platanitos, Nayarit, Mexico

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